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Company History

SEWA - consulting, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.) is a private company, founded in the year 1997. It was formed subject to the lack of the advisory and consulting services at the market for the sphere of heating and heating reconstruction. The objective of the Company is to provide their customers with the most complex services, which may at time being divided into several categories:

  • consulting and advising in field of buildings technical utilities
  • for-project preparation, design of the selected technical facilities for gas supply, heating and heat sources
  • assuming the legal activities for the building and approval procedures
  • assuming the deliveries and assembly of the selected heating technology and gas supply
  • design, delivery and assembly of pumps and regulation elements for hydraulic system final regulation of the central heating and hot utility water supply
  • energy media supply audit
  • assuming the revisions and service of the selected gas and electrical technical facilities

The primary objective of the Company founder was to create such company, which would assume the complex services, under the lowest price and technical solutions for all participating parties. We know, based on the acquired experience, that services which we offer, are needed from the point of investor for the suitable selection of heating mode with regard to the investment and mainly future operation costs.

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